1960 – A little farm somewhere in Oregon

Created and designed in Second Life.
Many thanks to the following designers for their support:

[Schultz Bros.] – The Gardeners House RARE*
[Schultz Bros.] – Gardeners Tool Shed RARE*
[Schultz Bros.] – Raised Garden Bed*
[Schultz Bros.] – Mailbox*
[Schultz Bros.] – Step Ladder*
[Schultz Bros.] – Garden Tools*
[Schultz Bros.] – Wheelbarrow*
[Schultz Bros.] – Bird Houses*
[Schultz Bros.] – Cherry Tomatoes*
[Schultz Bros.] – Sweet Orange Peppers*
[Schultz Bros.] – Old Shack

C.H.C. – ’58 Apache Stepside (1958 – Chevrolet 31 Apache Stepside)

:Fanatik Architecture: – RUINS – Wall
:Fanatik Architecture: – Rocks

Little Branch – Buck Thorn
Little Branch – Honey Mesquite Tree
Little Branch – Bouton d’or Lavender
Little Branch – Italian Cypress

Cube Republic – Dandelion Group

Skye – Temperate Shrubs
Skye – Wild Grass

*available at ‘Chapter Four’ – Event – August 2016


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