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1960 – The Old Architects Office

“The year is 1960. It was a sunny day when the architect James T. Miller passes away at the age of 83.

His last house was just a draft on paper. On the floor, the model he made with trembling hands rests quietly. On the table, the bottle of brandy which he loved so much.

In this room, he had brought to life many ideas from his imagination. He was a very diligent man and many houses were built according to his plans.

Today, there is a strange silence in this room. And it seems as if he is still here…

Created and designed in Second Life.
Many thanks to the following Designers for their support:

[ba] – Hamptons cottage

Apple Fall – Drafting Table
Apple Fall – Industrial Sideboard
Apple Fall – Artwork: ‘Boring Shit’ (picture changed)
Apple Fall – ‘Strength’ Fragment
Apple Fall – Atelier Pendant Lamp
Apple Fall – Victoria’s Dollshouse

Kalopsia – Iron Chair – Black*
Kalopsia – Sideboard*
Kalopsia – Hanging Stars*
Kalopsia – Spring Flowers*

Seven Emporium – Square Frame Wall Leaners*

[ kunst ] – Weston coat stand / hat & scarf*
[ kunst ] – Weston bar stool*
[ kunst ] – Weston end table*
[ kunst ] – Brandy bottle dispenser*
[ kunst ] – Brandy glass*

.random.Matter. – Mustang Cane*

Eli Baily – Vintage Pitch ‘n’ Putt*

junk. – Round rug – floral circle

+CONVAIR+ – Studio Architectural Model
+CONVAIR+ – Studio Architectural Drawings
+CONVAIR+ – Studio Curves/Eraser

Bazar – Stockholm – Bedroom Books

*available at The Liaison Collaborative May 2015

Please note: This photo was taken in Second Life.

It is a special scene setup, I have only made to take this picture.

The place is private and not be visitable.