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The Orange Garden

Created and designed in Second Life.
Many thanks to the following Designers for their support:

[PM]Pixel Mode – Dorthy’s Shed*

Kalopsia – Shed (Plain – Teal)*

Little Branch – Orange Tree*
Little Branch – Orange Flowers

[ARIA] – Hyacinth bistro table*
[ARIA] – Hyacinth bistro chair*
[ARIA] – Hyacinth bistro chair with a cushion*
[ARIA] – Hyacinth potted strawberries*
[ARIA] – Hyacinth rusty metal watering can*

Apt B – Old & Rusted – Ladder*
Apt B – Old & Rusted – Metal Container*

:Fanatik Architecture: MEDIEVAL VILLAGE (House)
:Fanatik Architecture: WOOD WORKS Palisade
:Fanatik Architecture: WOOD WORKS Ladder
:Fanatik Architecture: Dark Rocks

Studio Skye – Land forms
Studio Skye – Alligator Apple Bush (Tropical Plants Pack 2)

C.H.C – The Frog

*available at Shiny Shabby Event – May 2015

For a larger view, please click on the picture


Please note: This photo was taken in Second Life.
It is a special scene setup, I have only made to take this picture.
The place is private and not be visitable.